Jonathan Santarelli


At a young age, Jonathan was exposed to the many cultures of music that span Salsa, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Metal, and Classical music. His love affair with dance music started in the early 90's with the stylings of The Prodigy, Orbital, C&C Music Factory, Robin S. By the late 90's his new found love was pushed further at New England clubs and raves, hearing new exciting dance music every weekend. In 2000 Jonathan started working at Boston Beat Records on Newbury St. with founder and owner, DJ Felix Cutillo and dove deep into DJing. His digging and talents got Felix’s attention and invitation to play regullarrly at Boston’s Pravda 116 in with Felix and other resident DJ's.

Jonathan's DJing started to expand, gigging all over the Northeast, even up into Canada a bit, and a During the next several years Jonathan lengthened his performance resume playing alongside the likes from DJ Dan, Antoine Clamaron, Stephan Grondin, DJ Escape, Nicolas Matar and more.

Coming into 2011 Jonathan found an ad on craigslist looking for internet shows. He jumped on the trend and The Audio Spectrum was born. This 2 hour show showcased the wealth of talent throughout the Northeast with live hour long mixes and interviews. A year after launching Daniel Sevelt partnered, took on the role of co-host the show stepped up to hosting regional talent with the two of them honored with residency at famed Boston after hours club RISE.

In the summer of 2012, Jonathan found out about the group Table Syndicate and had them as guests on the show, soon after remixing their single “The Day Before”. Fast forward a few years to 2015, Jonathan and Daniel began working on various remixes for Table Syndicate from artists such as Sheila Gordon, Dragonette, Kelly Clarkson and Michael Franti. This relationship continued to the eventual production of their full length album "Game of Life" (JHP Studios) featuring Grammy artist Liz Berlin (Rusted Root/Drowning Clowns).

Jonathan went on to release 2 EP's , Far Away From Here, Piano Style, a single "Vibe", which was featured on 2016's Together Festival Compilation, a collaboration with Joseph Carringer on his Didge Therapy practice that produced a full length meditation album "Didgerdoo Meditations of Water and Earth", and two world music singles "Sacred Walk" and "Kodiak's Song (For Nicole)".

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